Our Process

Initial Inquiry

  • Describe – We will explain the financial planning process, more about our Fee-Only commitment, and learn a bit about you.
  • Questions – Ask them! We are pleased to discuss how we can help you.
  • Next Step – If we both feel we can meet your needs, then we will schedule a no obligation, Get Acquainted meeting.

Get Acquainted

  • Prepare – To help us serve you, we will provide a Confidential Questionnaire and other documents to assist you in preparing for our meeting. You may also want to review “How to Select a Financial Advisor.”
  • Discuss – During our ½ hour meeting we will ascertain your goals and financial issues, and we will both decide if we will be the financial team you need.
  • Service Agreement – As we conclude, we will prepare and send to you a Service Agreement and fee estimate. If you choose to retain us then we will take your signature and a deposit of ½ the fee estimate or $500, whichever is least.

Data Gathering

  • Documentation – We will identify any documentation necessary to prepare your plan.
  • Meeting – More than likely, we will have an interim meeting either in person or via phone.
  • Clarification – Questions will be answered or additional documents requested so we can finalize the analysis of your situation.

Financial Plan

  • Presentation – We will meet and your individualized report will be explained.
  • Collaboration – Interactive discussions of observations, analysis, and recommendations.
  • Plan –You will take home your personalized, written plan, and provide remaining payment.


  • Action – Following the detailed action directives from the presentation, you will implement your plan.
  • Follow-Up – We anticipate you may have additional questions as you proceed; an hour of follow-up is included in your plan.
  • Options – Similar to managing other aspects of your health, “financial check-ups” are an important part of the process. We recommend annual reviews or as life changes necessitate. Implementation assistance is also available upon request.