Welcome to the web site for Jerry J Davis, Certified Public Accountant PC. Through Jerry J Davis CPA PC we provide complete resources for your financial planning needs.

Jerry J Davis CPA PC, is a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Gresham, Oregon. Jerry J Davis CPA PC provides complete fee-only financial planning services.

Traditional CPA services are provided through Davis & Graves CPA LLP – web site www.davisgraves.com.

Our Model

As a CPA with over 30 years of practice advising individuals and small business owners, Jerry has a unique experience in understanding how complex financial matters can be.

Financial planning services are provided in the following areas:

Comprehensive Planning
Your finances are taking you somewhere. Do you know where you are going? By reviewing all aspects of your finances and determining exactly what your goals are, these questions can be answered.

Retirement Planning / Lifetime Income Planning
Do you have enough money? Will you outlive your resources? Reviewing your current resources and savings plans can help answer these questions. Small modifications now can make dramatic changes to future lifestyles.

Investment Review / Asset Allocation
How did you feel during the market meltdown of 2008? Do you know how your investments are selected? Do you know how much risk your current investments are exposed to? Does your current broker-dealer select assets based on your goals or their commission schedule? All current studies show the mix of investment types has a greater influence on your total return than the actual investment. By reviewing your current investments and determining the proper investment selection, investment return can be increased and risk reduced.

Comprehensive Estate Planning
Do you have a will? Do you understand what your will says? Should you have a living trust? What will happen when a loved one dies? What information do my loved ones need? You do have an estate plan; you just may not know what it is. Comprehensive estate planning will review your current estate plan and make recommended suggestions. Tax issues will be addressed and suggestions made to minimize possible estate taxes. However, there is a lot more to comprehensive estate planning than minimizing taxes. A plan will be developed to provide your family and loved ones with a complete road map of what to do.

Investment Management
How do you manage your investments? When do you decide to change your investments? Do you even manage your investments? Passive investment management utilizing low cost funds simplify your investment decisions while reaching your long term goals.

Getting Started

When you are ready to get the independent advice you need, contact us. We offer a complimentary Get Acquainted meeting, which can be conducted in person or over the phone – no-strings-attached.

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